Can You Go Hiking In Birkenstocks? Good And Bad Sides


You may love to wear Birkenstock sandals for walking or everyday use. They are comfortable, breathable, lightweight, easy to put on and take off, and have other advantages. But are Birkenstocks good for hiking?

Generally speaking, hiking in Birkenstocks is only a good idea when the hike will be under five miles long and not on rugged or challenging terrain.

While hiking, you will go through rugged, muddy, or steep terrains. Birkenstocks can’t provide you with as much ankle support, durability, or traction as you need while hiking on various terrains.

This blog post will give you a proper idea about hiking in Birkenstocks. In the end, I’ll suggest some best Birkenstock sandals for hiking; those will be suitable for your next short hike. So, Keep reading.


Pros of wearing Birkenstock hiking sandals for Hiking

As I mentioned, Birkenstocks are suitable for hiking under 5 miles. You must wear traditional hiking boots with many features and long hikes friendly for long hikes. The following pros and cons parts are for short hikes.

Everything has some good sides and bad sides too. Hiking in Birkenstocks also has advantages and disadvantages. The benefits of hiking in Birkenstocks are comfortable, easy to wear, quick-drying, lightweight, breathable, and affordable.


When hiking, you need a lot of comforts to make your hiking experience better. Comfortable shoes will prevent your foot from blisters and soreness. Anyone with blisters on his feet knows nothing is worse than blisters and soreness.

Birkenstock sandals are a popular choice for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for comfortable footwear. The soles of Birkenstocks are made from EVA foam, a lightweight material that moulds to your feet and provides comfort as you go hiking.

Birkenstocks also have built-in arch support, giving extra cushioning while on the trail. So considering the comforts, Birkenstocks sandals are suitable for short hikes.

Easy to Wear

While hiking on the trail, sometimes you must take off your sandals or shoes to rest or for any other reason. Then you must put your shoes on again after you are done for the reason you took them off. Therefore, you should choose shoes that are easy to put on and take off.

Sometimes while hiking on the trail, your feet will get wet from walking in water, or you may need to wash your feet due to dirtiness. Then you don’t have to wait for your feet to dry. You can wear Birkenstock sandals with wet feet. And the feet will dry very quickly.

Birkenstock sandals are very popular for their comfort and are easy to wear. With their arch support and sturdy cushioning, Birkenstocks offer excellent comfort and ease of movement that is ideal for any type of activity, including hiking!

Plus, some Birkenstock sandals feature an adjustable back strap, so you can quickly adjust the fit of your shoes with no hassle! So, considering the ease of movement advantage, Birkenstocks are an excellent choice for your next short hike.


Wearing lightweight shoes for hiking is vital. While hiking on the trail, sometimes you might have to take off your shoes and store them in your bag. If your shoes are heavyweight, you will feel uncomfortable, and you will get shoulder pain.

Birkenstock sandals are so lightweight. Birkenstocks are made out of high-quality materials such as Birko-Flor and Birko-Cork. Both are soft and sturdy components used to make these popular sandals.

In fact, the Birkenstock Arizona model weighs only 8.8 oz per pair, an impressive weight for the classic Birkenstock design.

For those who enjoy hiking in Birkenstocks, the Super Birki model is an ideal choice due to its lighter weight of only 5 oz per pair – honestly suggesting Birkenstock sandals can be lightweight and secure at the same time.


If you’re not a professional or regular hiker, it will seem crazy to buy a pair of new shoes at a high price for a single adventure. But, if you purchase Birkenstocks for hiking, not only can you use them for hiking, but also you can use them for every single activity of your daily life.

You can wear them at home, around the house, and you can wear them as casual sandals. They are such good-looking casual sandals at a low cost. You will find them for $50-$150. Just choose the item that suits you most.


Cons of wearing Birkenstock hiking sandals for hiking

Besides the pros, there are also some cons of hiking in Birkenstock sandals. So, let’s have a look at the cons.

Lack of Ankle support

Good ankle support is an essential part of any hiking shoe, as it helps to prevent ankle sprains and other ankle injuries by adding stability and support to your ankles.

With the proper ankle support, you can enjoy your hikes with more confidence and less risk of any falls or trips due to ankle issues. Ankle support also offers you the comfort needed for long days on the trails so that you can stay out for longer.

Birkenstock sandals don’t provide ankle support. You might get your ankle sprained if you go hiking in Birkenstock sandals. So, considering ankle support, Birkenstock sandals are not good for hiking.

Lack of Traction & Stability

Traction is one of the essential components in hiking shoes, as traction helps hikers stay sure-footed on various surfaces and terrains. Without traction, hikers can easily slip and fall on slick surfaces or lose their footing on steep inclines and declines.

Additionally, traction prevents dirt and mud from building up in the tread of the shoe, which can cause dangerous slipping conditions. 

Birkenstock sandals don’t provide enough traction and stability you need for hiking. If you go hiking in Birkenstocks, there will be a possibility to slip and fall on slick surfaces. So, Birkenstock sandals for hiking are not a good choice considering traction.

Potential Injuries

Wearing Birkenstock sandals for hiking means you’re allowing injuries to attack you. There has a possibility of getting injured in the ankle by slipping. There has a chance of ruining your Birkenstock sandals while hiking on uneven, rocky, or steep terrains.

While hiking in Birkenstock sandals, You will not get enough confidence to go through challenging or rugged terrain. You can’t enjoy your hike as much as you expected. So, for your own convenience, never try to go hiking in Birkenstocks.


Overall, Are Birkenstocks good for hiking or not?

After all the discussion, I think you got your answer about whether are Birkenstocks good for hiking or not.

Birkenstocks are good for short hikes. If you are not a regular hiker, you just hike on your holidays, and buying a new pair of hiking boots might seems to you crazy. Then it’s okay to hike in Birkenstocks. But, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

So, whenever you hike in Birkenstocks, stay aware of potential injuries. Hike with complete safety. And don’t hike over five miles in Birkenstock sandals.

Alternative to Birkenstocks for Hiking

So many alternative good hiking shoes/boots are available in the market. It depends on you which one you will buy. If you want me to prefer one or two, I will highlight the shoes I am using.

I have three pairs of hiking boots. One for short or random hikes. The other two are for long hikes.

Salomon Quest 4 GTX is one of them. This pair of boots have so many excellent features, including waterproof support. I feel so comfortable and relaxed wearing Salomon Quest 4 GTX for hiking. This pair of boots cost 230$.

If you think that is a too high price for you, then there is another good option available. Best Budget Hiking Boots Merrell Moab 2 Mid WP ($86.83). This pair of boots also offer a good number of features.

I would say that, while buying any boots, ensure that they suit you. And carefully read their feature or terms and conditions.


Some Best Birkenstock hiking sandals

Birkenstock Mayari Thong Sandals

This sandal is so classic, and this is basically what everyone thinks of when they hear the word Birkenstock. This pair of Birkenstock sandals are an excellent choice for everyday wear in the summer.

They will provide you with many comforts while walking around town and for other casual activities.

Birkenstock Arizona Nubuck Sandals

This sandal is also so classic. This model features flexible and lightweight shock-absorbing EVA outsoles.

Also, have thick yet supple suede leather straps that feature two adjustable buckles for a secure and comfortable fit. This is usable at home or around the home and is suitable for casual use.

Birkenstock Kano

This model is an excellent choice for those who want lightweight sandals with ankle straps. This model would go better for anyone who thinks of hiking in Birkenstocks. This will provide you with good stability, comfort, and durability, and also easy to wear.


Are Birkenstocks suitable for walking long distances?

Yes, you can walk long distances in Birkenstocks. Birkenstocks are popular among hikers and recreational walkers who want to wear comfortable shoes without compromising on quality.

Birkenstocks feature a cork insole that absorbs shock and provides cushioning and a rubber sole for grip and traction.

Birkenstocks also have adjustable straps that can be adjusted to fit each individual’s foot width and arch length. This makes them the perfect walking shoe for long distances, as the wearer can adjust the straps for added comfort.

The contoured footbed of Birkenstocks is designed to support each foot with every step, which helps prevent fatigue while preparing it to take on longer journeys.

Are Birkenstocks suitable for wearing in the rain?

Birkenstocks are fantastic shoes to wear casually or while walking in the town, but they aren’t the best choice for rainy days.

Birkenstocks are made with lightweight leather and fabric uppers that don’t hold up well in wet weather. The soles also become slippery and uncomfortable in wet conditions, making walking hazardous.

However, when it comes to light rains at moderate temperatures, Birkenstocks should be fine. Always check your shoes for dampness after walking in light rain and apply them for protection if needed.

Do Birkenstocks get smelly?

With Birkenstocks being worn year-round by millions of people, the question of whether or not Birkenstocks can get smelly is frequent for many.

Birkenstocks are made with natural materials such as leather and cork, so there is potential for them to get smelly. Fortunately, Birkenstock’s cork footbed helps keep bacteria from growing inside the shoe and minimize odour production.

If your Birkenstock does become smelly, regular washing in cool water with mild detergent can ensure that your beloved Birkenstock will remain clean and fresh.

Should Birkenstocks be worn with or without socks?

Birkenstocks have become increasingly popular in recent years, and with their versatile design comes the question of how best to style them.

While traditionally, Birkenstocks were worn with socks, modern fashion trends are leaning towards wearing Birkenstocks without socks. Wearing Birkenstocks without socks gives a free-spirited, and laid-back feel that has made it incredibly stylish.

Despite being higher cut, Birkenstock sandals are often seen worn with or without socks, letting individuals make a fashion statement that works for them.

Ultimately, Birkenstocks can be an essential part of any wardrobe, whether worn with or without socks; the choice ultimately lies in individual style.

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