Are Military Boots Good For Hiking? You must learn some things before hike


Generally, military boots are designed for use by military personnel. But for a few years, military boots have been used by some standard people for their daily or outdoor activities like hiking, backpacking, camping, and other outdoor adventures.

Many hikers have asked me about are military boots good for hiking. Yes, Military boots are suitable for hiking or other outdoor adventures. They are comfortable, durable, sturdy, waterproof, and rugged looking, especially for those who need extra ankle support and excellent traction on mountain trails.

Military boots are made to use in extreme conditions without having to worry. But there are some restrictions on hiking in military boots. Now we’ll dive into a detailed explanation about hiking in military boots. So keep reading to know the experience.

About Military Combat Boots

Military combat boots are a necessary part of military service. They can provide incredible protection, comfort, and support to military personnel in various terrains. Constructed with extra rigid materials, military combat boots offer superior durability.

These boots also offer a superior fit so military personnel can move easily, quickly, and nimbly through their operations. Additionally, military combat boots are designed for rigorous daily use with extra lacing and gusseted tongues for maximum hiking stability.

Furthermore, military combat boots have excellent shock absorption capabilities to reduce foot fatigue over extended periods, making them ideal for mountaineering tricks across various terrains and environments.

With military combat boots on the feet of military personnel, the terrain doesn’t matter; they will always be up to the task despite whatever challenges they face.


Traditional Hiking Boots vs Military Combat Boots (Short)

Have you ever considered hiking in military combat boots? Before rushing to answer, you should consider the pros and cons of military combat boots versus traditional hiking boots.

Military combat boots offer a unique advantage in that. They are more durable than traditional hiking boots, as military-grade leather provides superior protection from rough terrain. In contrast, a conventional hiking boot may lack adequate ankle support and protection.

On the other hand, military combat boots are heavier than traditional hiking boots and less breathable. Thus, your feet may get hot very quickly during a hike.

Comparatively, military boots are less comfortable and less flexible than traditional hiking boots for hiking because their soles are so stiff to be more durable.

Like traditional hiking boots, Military boots will also provide excellent traction on various terrains. They are so heavy, and their soles are especially landscape-capable.

Military boots are made to use in challenging conditions, so usually, they are waterproof and special for muddy terrains. In contrast, you will not find waterproof support in maximum hiking boots.

Ultimately, deciding between military combat boots or traditional hiking boots can be tricky, depending on your individual needs and preferences regarding weight, durability, and breathability. They both offer almost the same features.


Advantages of Hiking in Military Boots


Military combat boots are designed to be highly durable. They possess a variety of features that make them ideal for military operations. When you wear them for hiking, no matter how tricky the terrain is, you can go through all terrain.

These boots come with reinforced uppers, triple-stitched seams, and rubber or synthetic outsoles with aggressive tread designs. So you can use these boots for a long time without worrying about ruined ones. So, you can wear these shoes for a long time, and you don’t have to worry about them getting torn.


Military boots are specifically designed for combat and other military purposes. Leather, nylon, and rubber are usually used to make them.

This means that military boots tend to be highly durable and water-resistant. However, they can vary in their levels of waterproofing. It is important to note that military boots are generally not as waterproof or breathable as boots specifically designed for hiking.

That said, military boots can still be used for hiking, depending on the terrain and conditions. With the proper steps taken to ensure optimal comfort and protection, military boots may be an excellent option for outdoor excursions.

Ankle support

Military combat boots are essential military equipment designed to provide exceptional ankle support to military personnel on challenging terrain or complex outdoor missions.

It is widely accepted that hiking in military combat boots provides far better stability and support for the ankles than traditional military dress shoes.

Military combat boots provide soldiers with greater confidence and joint protection than regular hiking boots because of their extra cushioning, elevated lacing structure, rubber outsoles, and more durable construction materials than traditional hiking boots.

Furthermore, military combat boots offer additional protection from wet and slippery conditions. Overall, military combat boots provide a much higher level of ankle support than other footwear for military personnel, making them an excellent choice for any type of challenging outdoor activity or mission.


Military combat boots are an excellent choice for military personnel and hikers who need heavy-duty protection against wear and tear. Whether in the military or on a hiking trail, military combat boots provide excellent breathability unmatched by other traditional military footwear.

With features like upper mesh fabric and moisture-wicking liners, military combat boots help keep your feet cool during long hours on the march or mountain climb.

Hiking in military boots also provides a protective cushion that can come in handy when trekking over sharp rocks or even uneven terrain.

Finally, military combat boots give you peace of mind knowing they will keep your feet comfortable and well-protected. No matter how long or hard you hike – making them an excellent choice for both military personnel and hikers alike.


Regarding military combat boots, hikers can rest assured that they will provide them with plenty of Traction during their journey.

These military-grade boots have been designed and tested to provide military personnel with the best fit and protection for any mission. As such, these boots can certainly stand up to the rigours of any hiking or backpacking course.

Their sturdy construction, equipped with an aggressive tread made up of various synthetic materials, helps provide sure footing with no matter what terrain you encounter, from rocky bluffs to slippery slopes.

While military combat boots may not be ideal for hiking, they offer enough Traction to traverse most trails safely.


Indeed, military combat boots offer exceptional protection and grip due to their specially engineered tread and reinforced toe box while still providing flexibility. You can easily tackle many outdoor terrains with the right pair of military combat boots.

For example, military boots are specifically developed to feature an outsole that offers excellent traction and stability when navigating uniform hills or rugged terrain where surprise objects may lay beneath the surface.

The adjustable lacing system also allows wearers to get the perfect fit that won’t rub or chaff on long hikes. Regarding flexibility for hiking, military combat boots can meet the needs of any great adventure.


Disadvantages of Hiking in Military Boots

Lack of Comfortable

Hiking in military combat boots typically means sacrificing comfort for performance. Unlike hiking boots, military combat boots are made with tougher and thicker materials to protect from harsh terrain and help safeguard military personnel against injuries.

Furthermore, military combat boots can also be used for situations such as rappelling, patrolling, and during more strenuous embarkment situations across treacherous grounds.

For this reason, orthotic-friendly cushioning and arch support in many of today’s high-tech hiking shoes may not be prime concerns within the military design.

For those looking to combine style with adventure, military combat boots may not provide the luxurious feel of traditional hiking footwear. Still, they will certainly last longer and offer a higher overall protection level while actively exploring unknown land.

So, when hiking in military boots, you have to compromise the comfortable you need.

Heavy Weight

Military combat boots are undoubtedly one of the sturdiest and strongest military gear. They are made to be able to withstand harsh external conditions and provide optimal safety for military personnel.

However, military combat boots can feel extremely heavy on the feet when hiking. It takes more effort to hike in military boots than it does when hiking in traditional hiking boots due to their additional weight.

Therefore for those who intend to use military combat boots for hiking, prepare yourselves with the right equipment and physical strength to power through the extra weight! 

Break In

Military boots often require a break-in period before they are comfortable enough for long hikes or extended periods of moving on foot. Military boots take a long time to be wearable for hiking.

You can take short hikes or walks around your home during the break-in period. The process of breaking in military boots ensures that you have a comfortable experience while hiking in them while also ensuring they are sufficiently broken in to persevere in any combat situation.

So for a better experience, ensure that you have broke in your military boots before hiking in military boots.

Overall, Are military boots good for hiking or not?

Yes, as you can see, Military boots are good for hiking. As I mentioned above, they are so durable and provide excellent traction. Also, Military boots provide waterproof support. Moreover, they provide excellent ankle support while hiking.

You will find so many features in military boots for hiking as you have found in traditional hiking boots. I also mentioned above that military combat boots are less comfortable and heavy-weight. So, if you compromise these two things, they are an excellent option for your next hike.

Can you wear Military boots without socks?

Military boots provide the highest level of support and protection available in a combat boot, so they are great for use on trails when hiking. However, when considering military boots for hiking without socks, there are some things to bear in mind.

The military boot is designed to fit perfectly with military-issue socks, which create an extra layer of cushioning between the skin and the boot.

By going sockless while hiking in military boots, additional cushioning can be lost, resulting in uncomfortable rubbing of the foot against the boot.

Therefore, those who choose military boots for their hikes should wear socks with them to ensure a more comfortable experience.


Some best military combat boots Brands for hiking

There are so many military boots available in the market with so many features. I will highlight some of the best military boots on the market. All of them are available online and offline. Choose the one that suits you best.

Tactical Research Mini-Mil Transition TR111 Boot

This boot is not a hardcore military boot. For people without hiking experience in military boots, this is a transition boot ideal for hiking between combat boots and shoes for venturing into nature.

Make sure you don’t assume that because the boot is middle-ground, it’s cheaply made. This transition boot is made of high-quality leather and 1000 denier nylon.

Moreover, the shoe’s interior includes an EVA midsole and insole. On the other hand, the outsole is made of slip-resistant and highly grippy VIBRAM oil and rubber.

Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boot

This pair of military boots are so lightweight and with treading. Unlike so many hiking boots, these boots are breathable enough and won’t make your feet sweaty.

This pair of boots also have a waterproof feature which is so important while hiking on various terrain. These boots have a durable leather and nylon construction with side zippers for easy wearing.

Danner Men’s Desert TFX G3 Duty Boot

Danner is a popular footwear brand for military combat boots. The Danner Men’s Desert TFX G3 Duty Boots are also made with high-quality materials. This model provides ultimate support and stability.

The boots will provide you with excellent traction while hiking in rugged terrain. The boots also feature a TFX platform, which makes it being lightweight. The boot’s upper portion is made of leather and 1,000 denier nylon.

Danner Men’s Marine Temperate Military Boot

As you can see, this pair of boots was also made by Danner. The Danner Men’s Marine Temperate Military Boots are designed to provide the wearer’s durability and comfort on various challenging terrain.

This pair of boots are manufactured with Gore-Tex lining, which keeps your feet dry and comfortable all day long. The boots are also made with 1,000 denier nylon material and triple stitching. The triple-stitching feature will provide you stability and support on challenging terrain.

Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boot

Lastly, the Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boot is perfect for you if you consider speed. This boot uses quick-drying materials, which makes this boot ideal for crossing streams or hiking in muddy terrain.

The boot features a nylon mesh that provides ventilation. This helps to improve breathability and comfort while hiking in tactical boots.

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