About Us

Who We Are?

All “Hiking Files” team members are professional hikers and camping enthusiasts. We love hiking since our college life. In fact, we met each other while hiking in college life. And then we were all admitted into the same university as well. We have four years of hiking experience. We are not only hikers but also have experience with mountain climbing, camping, and sports, and always looking to try new experiences whenever we can.

What do We do?

There’s no outdoor adventure that we don’t tried out at least once. Along with good experiences we have some bad experiences as well. Because we always try to do something unique with adventure. We always try to learn more about nature. We want to make memories forever. We love to live in nature because we find the real version of ourselves in nature. There has a very in-depth connection between adventure and us. We decided to make this our passion. From our real experiences, we always try to share every story with you about those that happened to us.

Hiking Files Helping you to find the best hiking accessories you need!

Hiking Files will always provide you with something best for you. Hiking Files will ensure your safety, comfort, fashion, and something more while hiking. If you’re already our subscriber you don’t worry about your hiking accessories anymore. We will highlight every essential accessory that you need on the trail like a hiking jacket, pants, shorts, leggings, shoes/boots, socks, gloves, poles, GPS tracker, bag pack, hat, sunglasses, suns cream, water battles, and everything that you need.

Hiking Files provide only authentic accessories review.

We provide only authentic accessories reviews, not any paid or advertised review content. As mentioned above we always try to provide you with something unique and real to ensure your safety and comfort while on an adventure. So you don’t have to regret any product that we reviewed. Also, we have to mention that sometimes it depends on your luck.

Why do people consider Hiking Files as their best choice?

People consider Hiking Files as their best choice because Hiking Files has a very in-depth connection with adventure. Hiking Files know very well about adventure and Hiking Files has a better relationship with nature than others. We always try to give you the solution for any adventure-related queries. For any important task, feel free to contact us. So enjoy your adventure and Stay with Hiking Files!