How To Wear Hiking Boots With Shorts? The Complete Guide



It’s finally warming up outside, and you’re excited to go on a hike wearing shorts with hiking boots. But need to learn how to wear hiking boots with shorts? In summer, hiking in shorts is popular, but many people wonder if it’s ok to wear hiking boots with shorts.

The answer is yes. You can wear hiking boots with shorts, as long as you consider a few things. In this blog post, I’ll give you a few tips on how to do it right. Keep reading for more information.

Should you wear shorts while hiking?

It’s a great idea to wear hiking boots with shorts during the summer to look relaxed, casual, and stylish while staying cool on the trail. In fact, hiking shorts will provide you with more comfort and safety from blisters and keep you cooler than hiking pants in the summer.

There are many different factors to consider. For example, some people may argue that hiking in shorts is the best option, as it allows you to stay relaxed and comfortable on warm days. However, others may claim that it is best to wear long pants or hiking boots in order to protect your legs from insects and other debris on the ground.


Ultimately, whether or not you should wear shorts while hiking comes down to a matter of personal preference and comfort. Some people find that hiking in shorts gives them more freedom of movement and comfort on hot days. In contrast, others find that long pants or sturdy boots offer more protection from injury and hazardous terrain.

Ultimately, it is up to each hiker to decide what works best for them based on their own hiking experience, preferences, and environments. But whether you choose shorts or something else while hiking, be sure always to stay alert and prepared for anything along your journey!

Can You Wear Hiking Boots With Shorts?

Obviously, you can wear hiking boots with shorts. In hot weather, I always try to wear shorts with boots to go on a hike. Hiking pants with boots feel uncomfortable in hot weather. Hiking boots are designed to provide you comfort and safety and keep your feet stable in rocky terrain. In summer, hiking boots will suit more with hiking shorts than pants with proper pair of socks.

Many people believe that hiking boots and hiking shorts do not go well together, as they tend to be bulkier than other hiking footwear options. However, there are plenty of reasons why boots with shorts can actually be the perfect pairing for hiking enthusiasts of all levels. For one, boots with shorts provide excellent ankle support and stability on rugged terrain.


Additionally, including hiking boots in a hiking ensemble allows you to carry larger weights without hindering your mobility and flexibility. Furthermore, boots with shorts are typically waterproof and extra durable, making them ideal for any hike in different weather conditions.

So whether you love outdoor adventure or just like getting outside from time to time, don’t let popular opinions about hiking wear keep you from trying out this fun and functional trend!

Ultimately, what feels comfortable and natural to you is what matters most to you as a hiker. So wear your hiking boots with your favourite pair of shorts today for an excellent experience on any trail!

How to wear Hiking boots with shorts?

During the summer, hiking boots with shorts are one of the hottest fashion trends. It looks stylish, different from others, and feels comfortable in hot weather. But many people need to learn – How to wear Hiking boots with shorts? When wearing hiking boots with shorts, there are a few things to keep in mind. Those are given below in detail.

Know the Terrain

If you are planning for most hard rocky terrain, hiking shorts maybe not be the perfect choice for you. Unfortunately, Hiking shorts can’t protect you from thorns, uneven trails, and other hazards if you slip up.

At the same time, hiking pants can give you more protection than hiking shorts. However, if you plan on hiking in the plains, then hiking shorts will be an excellent choice for you in the summer.


Shave your Legs

Many bloggers suggested shaving hair from legs. But I never did this method. I think this method goes with a woman. Women’s leg without hair looks pretty.

But you don’t need to shave your leg’s hair if you’re a guy. Men’s leg with hair looks better than shaving leg. Share your opinion by commenting below.

Length of your Shorts with boots

Choosing the right length of hiking shorts can be an essential part of looking your best with hiking boots. You want to ensure that the shorts are a perfect length to coordinate well with your hiking boots.

In order to look good with hiking boots, the length of your shorts should ideally fall somewhere between mid-thigh and just above the knee. Too short and your legs will look scrawny, while too long and they may get tangled up in your hiking boots. Of course, the length of hiking shorts will also depend on personal preference, as some people may prefer a slightly longer or shorter cut.

Regardless of individual preferences, one thing is clear: to look your best when hiking with boots, the right pair of hiking shorts are essential.

Width of your Shorts

Along with the length, you should also pay attention to the width of your hiking shorts. Some people look nice with too wide, and some look bad. Ideally, hiking shorts should have slightly more room around the thigh area so as not to restrict movement and impact overall comfort.

In my opinion, the width of hiking shorts with hiking boots should be three to four inches wide around the thigh.

Wear the right pair of Socks

When it comes to hiking in the summer, choosing the right socks is essential for looking your best and staying comfortable with hiking boots and shorts.

To start, you will want to consider the type of hiking boots you will be wearing. If you are pairing hiking shorts with hiking boots, you should make sure that your socks are long enough.

Additionally, it is essential to pay attention to the width of your hiking socks as well. Some hiking socks come in narrower or broader widths than others and depending on the fit of your hiking boots. Therefore, choosing a pair of socks that matches those measurements may be necessary.


The Height Of The Boots

Hiking boots that rise too high can look clunky and out of place when worn with shorts. Hiking boots that are too low may not provide the necessary ankle support for adventurous hiking trips, increasing the risk of injury to your feet and ankles.

Usually, when I wear full pants, I wear boots that provide me with foot support and ankle stability. But, when I wear shorts, I still need foot support and ankle stability. So, it would be better to wear high-length boots that keep your safety with a stylish look.

Which Boots to Wear with Shorts

There is a variety of hiking boots available to wear with hiking shorts in different colours and looks in the market. It’s up to you what you like most and suited you most.

Usually, I have three different pairs of hiking boots. One of them I love to wear with shorts while hiking.


That are Salomon Quest 4 GTX Hiking Boots. These boots suit and fit me very well. My friend Laura gives me a very good compliment after wearing Salomon Quest 4 GTX Hiking Boots with shorts.

Also, my other hiking partners gave me positive compliments. So choose the one which fits you most.

Advantages Of Wearing Shorts With Hiking Boots

There are some advantages of wearing shorts. Two of them are given below.

Hiking Shorts Keep You Cool and Safe

Not only do hiking shorts provide more freedom of movement and a greater range of motion, but they also protect your legs from exposure to the elements. Hiking shorts keep you feeling more relaxed in hot weather.

In addition, wearing hiking boots with shorts can give you additional support, stability, and traction when traversing rough or slippery terrain.


Water Crossings Are Easier

If you are hiking across streams, creeks, or rivers, you’ll stay drier overall by wearing hiking boots with shorts rather than pants. Suppose you face a little stream; you don’t need to avoid that trail if you wear hiking shorts.

You’ll be able to pass the stream easily without getting wet in your shorts. By any chance, if your shorts get wet, they will dry quickly.

Tips to keep in mind while wearing shorts in hiking

With the warmer weather approaching, many people are gearing up for hiking trips on their favourite local trails. While hiking is a fun and refreshing activity, it is crucial to keep a few key tips in mind when wearing shorts. For one thing, it is vital to wear hiking boots or other sturdy footwear that provides protection from rough terrain and sharp rocks.

Additionally, it is also essential to dress appropriately for the weather conditions that you may encounter on your hike. Wearing breathable materials will keep you cool in the summer, and layering your clothing can be easily adjusted depending on temperature changes during the journey.

Finally, another important tip is to choose a pair of hiking shorts that actually go well with hiking boots – pairing boot socks with short skirts or capris can be uncomfortable and increase the risk of tripping or falling.

Overall, these simple tips can help take your hiking experience to the next level and ensure that you stay safe while enjoying the great outdoors!


I hope I have been able to guide you with the proper guideline on – how to wear hiking boots with shorts. If anyhow I missed something to mention in this post, comment below to remind me. And let us know what’s your experience with shorts in hiking. If this article seems helpful to you, share it with your friends.

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