Are Vans good for hiking? Best Tips For Hiking In Vans


Are Vans good for hiking? That’s a question that many people have asked. The answer depends on which type of Vans shoes you want to use for hiking. There are many types of Vans available in the market. Like some are used for regular, some are used for special programs, and some are used for different occasions. Some Vans shoes are specially made for hiking.

In this article, I will cover which vans are good for hiking and which are not good. And those aren’t good what are the cons of them. Keep reading!

Are Vans good for hiking?

Some vans boots are an excellent option for hiking as they provide good grip and comfort. There are many different vans boots to choose from, but the best choice for hiking is the UltraRange EXO Hi GORE-TEX MTE-3 Shoe. This pair of shoes offer excellent traction and support, and they will help you to stay comfortable on your hike. I’ve given below a short description of The UltraRange EXO Hi GORE-TEX MTE-3. Please take a look to learn more.

The UltraRange EXO Hi GORE-TEX MTE-3

If you’re a Vans lover and at the same time you love hiking, The UltraRange EXO Hi GORE-TEX MTE-3 Vans boot is the perfect shoe for you. That pair of shoes will provide you with the ultimate moisture management, thermoregulation, traction, comfort, and support.

This shoe is made with membranes that are laminated to the upper of the shoe, which provides an impenetrable barrier against water and wind. The outside of the shoe is made with a durable rubber outsole that is designed to provide excellent traction on all surfaces.

The inside of the shoe is lined with a comfortable and supportive foam that conforms to your foot, providing you with the ultimate comfort and support. This shoe will prevent your feet from blisters. The moulded toe/heel protection protects your feet from impact and abrasion, making this the perfect shoe for any activity.

Which Vans are not good for hiking?

Except for some special Vans hiking shoes, there are many Vans shoes that aren’t good for hiking. If you’re using the Old Skool Vans for your regular use, you can’t go on a hike with that shoe. Though that offer many benefits but there are more cons than pros.

The pros of using Casual Vans for hiking

Some pros of using regular vans shoes include comfort, style, Breathability, and Minimalist Feet are explained below.



Basically, Vans shoes were engineered as skate shoes, but now they are very popular to use as casual. Vans shoes are made with high-quality materials. They are made to be comfortable and keep your foot happy.

They have lots of padding in the tongue and uppers area so that you can feel comfortable while wearing them. You can walk around all day in them without your feet getting sore.


Vans shoes are made with a very stylish and fashionable look. Many people use them just considering their looks. Just look at the Old Skool Vans. They are very popular mainly for their look and comfort. You can use them for all the activities if you consider a stylish look.


Breathability is one of the most essential factors while hiking. They are very comfortable and have good breathability. Sometimes you have to hike through wet terrains. It is necessary to keep your feet cool and dry while hiking on the trails.

Vans shoes are made with a unique fabric that helps to keep your feet cool and dry. Vans also make shoes that are specifically designed for athletes who need a shoe that will help them perform at their best.

The cons of using Casual Vans for hiking

Besides the pros, there are many cons like traction, arch support, shock absorption, ankle support, protection & ruggedness, durability, and lack of water to wearing Vans while hiking. Those are explained below.



You can wear regular Vans shoes for normal hiking. But hiking on slippery surfaces, rough terrains, and mud places requires traction. Casual Vans shoes don’t have enough traction to keep you stable on those mentioned terrains or surfaces. The soles of casual Vans shoes are made of smooth rubber, which can be slick on wet or icy surfaces. Vans shoes have a low profile, which means that there is less contact with the ground and less traction.

Arch Support

The arch length is the length between the heel and the ball of your foot. While hiking, arch support is mostly needed on mountains surface. These Vans shoes have flat footbeds, and they are made for flat surfaces like running on a skateboard or on asphalt. Which means they are not much ideal as special hiking boots.

When hiking, your feet will be exposed to different kinds of surfaces, like sharp rocks and hard stones. So you need a pair of hiking shoes that can give you arch support while hiking. As I mentioned above, if you’re a Vans lover, you can use The UltraRange EXO Hi GORE-TEX MTE-3.

Ankle Support

While hiking on mountain surfaces, you should wear boots with ankle support. In the mountains, there are so many hard surfaces and rough terrains where you mostly need upper-high boots. Casual Vans doesn’t provide enough ankle support like hiking boots while hiking. They offer a low upper high. Those aren’t capable of delivering you ankle support.

Protection & Ruggedness

Vans are designed more for the style than function. They don’t have the heavy-duty materials or construction that you’ll find in shoes made for hiking or other outdoor activities. As I mentioned above, their soles are made of smooth rubber. As a result, they can’t keep you stable on slippery surfaces.

Lack Of Waterproofing

As I mentioned earlier, sometimes you have to walk into mud terrains or water crossings. As a result, there are possibilities to make your foot wet and uncomfortable. So having waterproof hiking boots are necessary, which can keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Tips for hiking in Vans shoes

If you’re a Vans lover, then you must wear vans shoes. But some tips you should keep in mind while hiking in Vans.


Make Sure Your Vans Are Broken In

Never ever try to go on a hike wearing any kind of brand-new shoes. After buying new shoes, try to break them in. Wear them around the house or go for short walks somewhere to break in. That will feel comfortable while hiking in Vans. If you go hiking wearing brand-new shoes, you will regret it.

Wear Proper Hiking Socks

After the break in if you’re set on wearing your Vans, for better comfort, wear well-fitting or double-layer hiking socks. It will be worth your money. Wearing the perfect pair of hiking socks is far away better than wearing so-called socks. The right socks will prevent you from blisters and keep your feet cool in hot weather and dry while getting wet.

Consider Getting Hiking Boots

After all, try to get hiking boots. Whatever casual shoes offer you, but good hiking boots are a must for better experiences. There are many facilities for getting hiking boots. As I mentioned above, if you want to enjoy your hiking comfortably, you must buy a good pair of hiking boots. From my 3 years of hiking experience, I will say that you won’t regret it.

Hiking trails that are perfect for Vans shoes

When choosing the perfect hiking trails for your new Van’s shoes, there are many factors to consider. Trails that are too steep or rocky can damage your shoes, and trails that are too flat can be boring and uninspiring. The best trails strike a balance between these two extremes, offering a variety of terrain to keep things interesting while still being easy on your shoes. Here are three trails that we think are perfect for Van’s shoes:


The first trail is the Pacific Crest Trail. Stretches for over 2,000 miles from Mexico to Canada, and it offers a wide variety of terrain, from desert plains to forested mountains. This trail is perfect for Vans shoes because it will give you a chance to really test their durability and comfort.

The second trail is the John Muir Trail. This trail is shorter than the Pacific Crest Trail, but it still packs a punch, with over 200 miles of beautiful scenery. This trail is perfect for Van’s shoes because it has a mix of different terrains, including forests, meadows, and streams.

The third trail is the Appalachian Trail. This trail stretches for over 2,000 miles from Georgia to Maine, and it offers hikers a unique challenge. This trail is perfect for Van’s shoes because it can be tough on your feet, but the rewards are worth it. You’ll get to see some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country while testing your shoes to their limits.

FAQs about using vans shoes for hiking

Do vans make hiking shoes?

Yes, they do. Vans offer many types of outdoor shoes, but the UltraRange EXO Hi GORE-TEX MTE-3 is the best from them. You will find more shoes in the Vans store that are good for outdoor activities.

Are vans suitable for regular use?

Yes, they are ideal for everyday use. In fact, they are very popular for using any type of party, office, occasion, and skating on the streets.

Are vans good walking shoes for babies?

Yes, Vans offer shoes for babies or any age. Just what all you have to do is, choose the perfect model and size and purchase them.

What are some excellent alternatives to Vans shoes for hiking?

If you’re a Vans lover, you won’t choose any alternatives. In case you don’t want to use the mentioned shoes, there is one best alternative. I will prefer the Salomon Quest 4 GTX Hiking Boots.

That boots are specially made for hiking on slippery surfaces, rough terrain, mud, and water crossing. As I am using them, I can make sure that if you buy that boots, you won’t regret them.


Whatever you wear for hiking, first and foremost, what you should consider is your safety. Ensure that you’re feeling comfortable on the trail. I think you have got a proper idea about are Vans good for hiking or not. If I missed anything to mention in this article, comment below to remind me. You can also share your experience with hiking in Vans in the comment section. Happy Hiking!

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